Foushée Group, Inc.

Who We Are

The Foushée Group, Inc. was formed in 1980 with the dedication of providing quality, responsive and consistent counsel to employers in the fields of compensation and organizational development. Our professional and support personnel take pride in delivering exceptional product.

Our typical client is a publicly-held corporation with sales ranging form under $500 million to over $150 billion. A significant number of our clients have been emerging firms, each with unique products or services, outstanding potential and talented people. Our work has made a substantial contribution to their growth and success.

We work in a cooperative style with the management of our client companies to achieve their stated objectives. Our client firms are well-managed companies and those who direct them are above average in ability. We seek the challenge to work with people who are already successful and are aggressively trying to improve the organization’s environment. We select our clients as much as they select us.

What We Do

We are dedicated to adding value to our client companies in the following areas:

Incentive Pay Programs

  • Design and develop special short-term group award plans for increased productivity or for achievement of specific milestones.
  • Design and develop cash incentive plans that reward employees for sustained increased productivity and contribution.

Salary Administration

  • Provide guidance to management for implementing salary programs with integrity and credibility.
  • Conduct detailed diagnostic audits of salary programs.
  • Develop salary administration programs for exempt and non-exempt personnel.
  • Research competitive base salary administration practices and trends.
  • Design compensation guidelines that are easy to administer and communicate.

Sales Compensation

  • Research salary, bonus and/or commission competitive practices.
  • Design, develop, communicate and guide management in implementing sales compensation plans that are achievement-oriented and compatible with the business strategies.

Research and Compensation Surveys

  • Research compensation and organization issues and conduct special industry surveys.
  • Research competitive rates specific to geographic areas, recommend salary administration structure and guidelines.
  • For past 32 years we have conducted and published the only comprehensive annual Environmental, Health and Safety Compensation Survey in the nation. In addition, for the past 17 years the firm has conducted and published the only comprehensive annual Security and Compliance Compensation Survey in the nation.

Client Relationship

Our confidential relationship with our clients is very significant to the success of our work. The vast majority of our clients retain our services with a confidentiality agreement. Rarely, do our engagements allow us to divulge the client or permit us to discuss the nature and scope of our work with other organizations.