You may not modify, copy, duplicate, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, publicly display, prepare derivative works based upon or distribute, in whole or in part, in any way or by any means (including, but not limited to manual, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or recording) the contents of this publication without the express written permission of the publisher. Please read the full text on the inside cover of the survey report

A number of the Foushée Group’s clients have requested permission to deviate from our copyrighted and registered rights, to retain an outside firm of their choice to host the compensation data results to one or both of our compensation surveys. These outside firms are often referred to as “hosts” under contract to manage the client organization’s survey data. Our firm conducts and publishes annually, the Security & Compliance Compensation Survey and the Environmental, Health & Safety Compensation survey. Both surveys are copyrighted and registered trademarks of the Foushée Group, Inc.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate our clients' request to allow an outside source to have access to the survey(s) for the client’s needs only.

Producing, tracking, editing and discussing a non-disclosure agreement consumes time and resources of our company; therefore, the following terms will apply to all non-disclosure agreements (NDA) requests of the Foushée Group, Inc.:

  • All NDA's will remain in effect for one year only, based on the dates of the survey cycle;
  • The NDA provided by the Foushée Group may cover both surveys;
  • The NDA will be provided by the Foushée Group, for use of the client and the approved host only. No other NDA’s will be signed by the Foushée Group;
  • A fee of $100 will be charged to the client for the administration of the annual NDA;
  • If the requesting client returns the Foushée Group's NDA with significant changes, requiring our attorney's review, the client company agrees to compensate the Foushée Group for any and all costs of our attorney's fees plus administrative costs not to exceed 20% of said attorney’s fees;
  • Participants or purchasers are not given permission by the Foushée Group to elect a host for any of our survey data without a current NDA signed agreement with the Foushée Group, Client Company and third party;
  • Annual renewal without content changes is free of charge.

We feel our NDA is fair to all concerned, protects our products, allows the client company to select a host company for our data, and is aligned with copyright and trademark law. Questions or concerns may be addressed to Steve Walker, Managing Partner, and The Foushée Group Inc. (239) 282-1929.