Security Careers Book



The Security Careers, Skills, Compensation and Career Paths third edition book by Stephen W. Walker, Partner and James E. Foushée is written as a tool and informational guide for managers and security professionals to utilize and increase their knowledge of how the process of compensation administration works, and how this process can be managed. The book is not written for the compensation practitioner who is educated and trained in the subject. Rather, the book is intended to provide a general overview on how to manage compensation within your department or organization.

There is also detailed information on the compensation philosophy of the organization, defining wage and salary programs, components of compensation, incentives, ranking, bonus administration and utilizing compensation survey's. The book also provides information on compensation definitions, wage and grade salary structure and determining structure placement based on skills and experience. Also included is information on planning and developing your compensation budget.

The book may also be utilized as a career guide in job progression by providing examples of career laddering within job groups to descriptive information for many jobs in the security and compliance field. The book also lists security certifications and professional organizations for the security professional.


  • Roles and responsibilities of the Security Leader;
  • Managing compensation, factors that influence compensation decisions in the workplace;
  • Security and Compliance position descriptions on 78 professional positions surveyed in the annual Foushée Security & Compliance Compensation Survey;
  • Compensation graphs starting at 2010 thru 2013 showing compensation trends for all positions covered in the book;
  • Career resources to include associations, trade publications, job listing sites and certifications.

The Security Careers, Skills, Compensation and Career Paths third edition may be purchased for a modest fee, and any questions or concerns can be addressed by the authors.