Security and Compliance Compensation Survey

Competitive Rates

There has never been a time in American history when Security and Compliance personnel have played a more important role!

Significant demand for Security & Compliance professionals has created aggressive increases in total compensation, well above the national average.

Are your Security and Compliance management, professionals, and technical personnel paid competitively?

The answer to this question relies on your ability to gain access to reliable, professionally developed, current, and accurate compensation survey information. Since there is limited current information available, you have probably relied solely on internal benchmarking to place the positions within your organization.

The Solution!

The 2024 Security and Compliance Compensation Survey Report will provide you with comprehensive compensation information for 78 management, professional and technical positions to complete your analysis and planning process.

Security and Compliance Compensation Survey Report

Key Features

Key Features of the Security & Compliance Compensation Survey:

The survey positions, representing the entire Security function from the Top Global Security Executive (Chief Security Officer) to the entry-level Guard position, assures you data for most, if not all of the Security positions in your organization. The Top Compliance and Ethics Executive position and five other significant management and professional jobs are also included in the survey.

The survey adheres to the antitrust "Safe Harbor Guidelines" in collection of and reporting of data. The U.S. Department of Justice has issued guidelines with parameters for the appropriate and legal collection and reporting of salary survey data. Our survey adheres to both the spirit and letter of these guidelines.

All information is reported in the aggregate and does not disclose the individual participating organization's information.

The Survey Report will include more than 174 pages of text and tables detailing the compensation practices for over 78 executive, management, professional and technical positions.

For the 2024 survey, more than 115 organizations, representing most major industries that employ security and compliance personnel have submitted compensation information for over 15,860 full-time employees.

The survey includes comprehensive job descriptions with education and experience guidelines on all positions.

The survey report is published as an e-document. The electronic is a PDF of the survey and a spreadsheet format for importing data to your on-site HRIS system at your location only.